The child is in gut care

Toddler Charles Lindbergh Jr., son of famous pilots Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow, was abducted from his crib on March 1st, 1932. The following ransom note was found at the scene. Although the ransom was paid a month later, the child’s body was discovered just miles from the Lindbergh’s home on May 12th. The exposure surrounding the kidnapping and subsequent trial led to it being labelled ‘The Crime of the Century’ by the press. Bruno Hauptmann was convicted of the kidnapping/murder and electrocuted 4 years later.


Dear Sir!

Have 50000$ redy 25000$ in
20$ bills 15000$ in 10$ bills and
10000$ in 5$ bills After 2-4 days
we will inform you were to deliver
the Mony.

We warn you for making
anyding public or for notify the Police
The child is in gut care.
Indication for all letters are
and three holes.