How can we stamp out this menace?

A flurry of letters similar to the one below – this particular example written by an irate parent to then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy in 1964 – resulted in a 31 month investigation by the FBI into the recording of the song Louie Louie by The Kingsmen. The initial uproar was a result of claims that the lyrics to this recording of Louie Louie were so obscene that lead singer Jack Ely had chosen to slur his vocals. As the red mist descended, lyrics such as ‘A fine little girl..’ became ‘A fine little bitch..’. The words ‘I smell the rose in her hair’ were now ‘I felt my boner in her hair’.

After more than two years on the case, the FBI declared they were ‘unable to interpret any of the wording on the record’. Here is the song on Youtube.


FEB 7 1964

Mr. Robert F, Kennedy
Attorney General USA
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

Who do you turn to when your teenage daughter buys and brings home pornographic or obscene materials being sold along with objects directed and aimed at the teenage market in every City, Village and Record shop in this nation?

My daughter brought home a record of “LOUIE LOUIE” and I, after reading that the record had been banned from being played on the air because it was obscene, proceeded to try to decipher the jumble of words.
The lyrics are so filthy that I can-not enclose them in this letter.

This record is on the WAND label #143-A and recorded by The KINGSMEN “a Jerden Production by Ken Chase and Jerry Dennon” and there is an address 1650 Broadway New York, N.Y.

I would like to see these people, The “artists”, the Record company and the promoters prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We all know there is obscene materials available for those who seek it, but when they start sneaking in this material in the guise of the latest ‘teen age rock & roll hit record these morons have gone too far.

This land of ours is headed for an extreme state of moral degradation what with this record, the biggest hit movies and the sex and violence exploited on T.V.

How can we stamp out this menace? ? ? ?

Yours very truly,