My dear little one day old baby

Lilian Gollan wrote the following letter to her new daughter Wendy on November 29th, 1934, just a day after giving birth to her at Jessie McPherson Hospital in Melbourne. A photo of the mother and daughter can be seen here


“purity, truth and love.”


My own dear Baby,
My dear little one day old baby,

You are sleeping so soundly I think I will write you a love letter.

Thankyou for coming, Baby dear, and giving me the greatest happiness I have ever known. My dreams of you are nearly as old as I am, for every dolly was my would-be baby and yesterday, just as the sun rose above a golden shaft into the room, the dream child became a real child and you were born – A whole 8lbs of you, with soft dark, hair, curly eyelashes, perfect half moons on your tiny fingers and the funniest little wriggling feet! Oh, the wonder of you!

My dreams for you also began years ago, Baby mine; a good heritage, which is better than a fortune, was my first dream and, though most imperfect of humans, your Daddy and I have tried to live with honesty and purity, sincerely to the best we could. I hope we have given you a good start.

Dreams of a lovely face and body, perfect in health, strong in character, with a happy loving nature are my dreams for you. Curiosity, imagination and ambition will grow in you, dear and the good God who gave us the gift of you, will give us wisdom to love you wisely all through your life.

From Your Mother.