He put up a great fight against Fritz

Below is a letter sent by the Australian Red Cross to the wife of Leslie Clark – a soldier who perished whilst fighting in France during the First World War – 8 months after her husband’s death. The letter confirms his passing and then, using a quote from a fellow soldier, tells of a previous occasion when the late soldier bravely chased some Germans into a trench only to be wounded by a bomb. He was awarded a Military Medal.



Melbourne, 6th June, 1919

Mrs. L. N. Clark,

53 Gladstone Avenue,

Dear Madam,

re L/Cpl. L. N. Clark, No. 2647, 59th Battalion.

We have now received from our Agents a report in regard to the above named soldier stating that he died on the 5th October, 1918, result of bullet wounds to chest and abdomen at the 20th Casualty Clearing Station, France.

“He was buried at Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension 1½ miles East of Peronne D.G.R.E. L.S.6. 8277. “

This was certified by A.I.F. Headquarters, 17th March, 1919.

Sgt. W. J. Turner, No. 3627, 60th Battalion, has stated – “He was of 60th Battalion, C Companu 5 ft. 6, thin, 29th, 1918, at 2 p.m. his platoon was engaged repelling a bomb attack. He ran along the parapet chasing the Germans who were down in the trench. He was wounded in the leg and side by a German stick bomb. He was conscious and made his own way back to the Stretcher Bearers. He put up a great fight against Fritz and was awarded the M. M. for this action.”

This report was confirmed by Q.M.S.O. Rasmussen, No. 6069.

On receipt of any further information, we will again communicate with you.

Your faithfully,


Hon. Secretary.