I can’t spell. I’m very upset

April 1964: The U.S. Department of Labor introduces new rules relating to foreign musicians entering the country, in effect making it more difficult for them to do so unless they can demonstrate a unique talent. The very recent onset of Beatlemania in America, coupled with misleading reports by the American press regarding this issue, results in a deluge of panic-filled letters being sent to Washington by worried teenagers. Below is one such letter. 


1206 South Jackson
El Dorado, Arkansas
April 3, 1964

U.S. Labor Dept.
Washington D.C.


I can only hope and pray this letter will be read. I and three other girls were so upset we couldn’t go to school today because of an article in the paper saying the Beatles can not return to the U.S. until the government gives their approval. Maybe the didn’t follow the law of immigration clearance order, but you must all agree the teenagers of the U.S. want them back., It’s none of my business but they’ve just got to return soon, please.

I sincerly hope (I can’t spell. I’m very upset) you can give me some kind of reply to this letter. Please, if you can, answer if and when they will or won’t return.

Very truly yours,

Janelle Blackwell

P.S. This is no laughing matter to me or any other fan of the Beatles. Please reply a letter back to me. This is a business letter and should be treated as such, Mr. Willard Wirtz, sir or whoever is reading this. This letter I know is not in good form of any kind. But I feel terrible.

I’m 15 and I feel like 80.