Stop making “bums” of the school boys

The following plea was sent to then Postmaster General James Farley in 1934, at the height of the Great Depression. At this time especially, many men – particularly those out of work – were of the opinion that all employed females should be stripped of their jobs and replaced by men. 


Jackson, Miss.

Hon. James A. Farley
Postmaster General
Washington, D.C.

We, the undersigned, ask that all females that are employed in the Transi(en)t Bureaus be dismissed and be replaced with men. We are going to ask Mr. Hugh Johnson to have all females discharged by all business men in every line of work and if it is necessary to have anything like a camp make it for a women and in place of making slaves of them be ladies. Stop making “bums” of the school boys that don’t know what to do with themselves. Give the boys chance to make a name for themselves instead of being a poor bum. We have no malice in regard to women.


(Signed, by many)