The Johnny Appleseed of LSD

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals – the company who first synthesised LSD – sent this letter to ‘Captain’ Alfred Hubbard in 1955 along with forms enabling him to clear 43 boxes of LSD-25 ampules through customs. Hubbard (a.k.a. The Johnny Appleseed of LSD) was an intriguingly mysterious man who, due to his relentless promotion of the drug, is considered by some to be one of the most important figures in the history of LSD. It is thought he owned the second largest stockpile of LSD on earth, behind Sandoz themselves, and was responsible for introducing many high-profile people to the drug before it was banned. When this letter was written, Hubbard was Canada’s sole licensed importer of Sandoz LSD.

Many thanks to Mansour for the tip.


Dr. A. M. Hubbard
Uranium Corp. of B. C. Ltd.
500 Alexander Street
Vancouver 1, B.C.

Dear Mr. Hubbard:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your telegram, and in compliance with your request, we are enclosing herewith Canadian Customs form No. 267 in triplicate covering the 43 boxes of L.S.D. 25 Ampuls, which we have forwarded to you on May 20th, via Parcel Post.

We hope that this invoice will enable you to clear the shipment through the Customs without any further delay.

Sincerely yours,



P. Hartmann, Export Mgr.
East Hanover Laboratories