Whatever you do, don’t touch his hair

On January 8th, 1957, a press conference confirmed millions of music lovers’ worst fears: that Elvis Presley would soon be drafted into military service. For the next 14 months – at which point his induction took place – countless Presley fans became consumed with panic and spent much of their time speculating about the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s future, some even aiming for the top by sending urgent mail to the White House in an effort to keep Elvis away from harm. The following letter, sent to President Eisenhower in 1958, was written by three female fans seemingly resigned to their idol’s U.S. Army induction but not to suspected changes to his physical appearance.


Box 755
Noxon, Mont

Dear President Eisenhower,

My girlfriend’s and I are writting all the way from Montana, We think its bad enough to send Elvis Presley in the Army, but if you cut his side burns off we will just die! You don’t no how we fell about him, I really don’t see why you have to send him in the Army at all, but we beg you please please don’t give him a G.I. hair cut, oh please please don’t! If you do we will just about die!

Elvis Presley Lovers

Linda Kelly
Sherry Bane
Mickie Mattson