I feel like an egg in a whisk

Jessie Corbett waited until 1924 to propose to the love of her life, John Wilks, and only chose that particular date as it was a leap year; a point in the calendar when, as a result of years of tradition, it wasn’t frowned upon for a woman to ask for a man’s hand in marriage. Jessie opted to craft a written proposal that is so perfectly romantic, I’m assuming Mr. Wilks was rendered defenseless by the time he reached the end. Indeed, John did agree and they married in November of that year.

Letter courtesy of the Australia Post – used with permission.


Leap Year 1924

Honeymoon St

My Own Dear Heart,

Leap Year is here at last. How I have longed for this year of feminine liberty my sweet to pour out the secret of my heart’s desire for you. Oh honey my brain is in a whirl thinking of you and as I write my humble request, I feel like an egg in a whisk. I love you darling, indeed I have loved you since first I gazed into you dear eyes and I want you for my own adorable husband. I can cook & sew & dig in the garden. I can play and sing divinely & would make your life one long dream of bliss. Oh sweetheart come to me & tell me that I may call you mine. Meet me in dreamland, oh beloved let your eyes light the way to paradise for two. I am longing for the day when I shall feel your sweet lips pressed close to mine. I hear your magic voice saying that my dream is true. I will wait through the long weary hours for your reply. Hasten oh loved one & call me and I will come from the end of the world. I have the ring, that magic circle, also a cosy cottage in a garden of loveliness so just say the word & we will wed. Meet me neath the star shine at Kissing Point and give me your answer.

Reply dearest to Mary Anne, G.P.O. or if you refuse my offer, forfeit in friends name a pair of gloves.

Your own Hug me tight

Mary Anne.