The lowest class of people I ever heard of

Whilst stationed in Egypt in 1941, Australian soldier Jim Moody befriended a stray puppy. The animal – Horrie – quickly became the entire battalion’s mascot and guard dog, accompanying them through Greece, Crete, Palestine and Syria. Horrie worked as a messenger, warned of approaching aircraft as a result of his acute hearing, and survived a shrapnel injury. When it came to returning home the next year, Moody chose to smuggle Horrie into Australia in a bag, knowing that quarantine laws would prohibit the dog’s entry. Three years later authorities learned of Horrie’s existence and Horrie was put down. The public were outraged and sent many letters to quarantine officials, one of which can be seen below.

Nearly 60 years later it was revealed that Moody had actually presented officials with a different dog to destroy – an unlucky specimen he had acquired from a pound for five shillings – and as a result Horrie lived on for many more years. Read more here.


(To the lowest class of people I ever heard of) who ordered a faithful dog to be put to death to get their own back because the young soldier responsible did not go gushing all over you. We the public of Australia are lead to believe that it is to put down dictators, brutality, and terrorism, and build a world of peace and love. That our dear boys are away fighting. These brave lads had love to spare for a poor little pup in face of all their own dangers thought they were bringing him home to this fair land we all boast of to the outside world, where they would be welcomed with open arms. Instead nothing but dictators, cowards, and brutality greeted them. Its a pity the coward that shot the dog did not put his cartridges to better use. The new world wont have a place for people of your type. I dont know why your wives would eat a morsel of food that your dirty filthy wages bought.

May God bless the dear boy in the loss of a faithful friend [soldier’s mother]

Horrie has found his new world.