Anything which weakens you, weakens America

Just a few days after appearing before the Tower Commission as a result of his involvement in the Iran-Contra arms scandal, Ronald Reagan received the following handwritten letter of support from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In it, Thatcher empathises with ‘Ron’ over his harsh treatment by the press, informs him that his previous achievements are too great for him to suffer any ‘lasting damage’, and then offers some advice with regards to his next move. Apparently the letter was later discovered attached to a note, written to then Chief of Staff Donald Regan, which read ‘DTR. FYI – this explains the weekend phone call, but not how this note got to the President. Pls return to my office’.

Image found at the Margaret Thatcher Foundation.

Transcript follows.




4th December 1986

Dear Ron

I was glad that we were able to talk on the telephone the other day so that I could tell you directly how very much you and Nancy are in my thoughts at this difficult time. The press and media are always so ready to criticise and get people down. I know what it’s like.

But your achievements in restoring America’s pride and confidence and in giving the West the leadership it needs are far too substantial to suffer any lasting damage., The message I give to everyone is that anything which weakens you, weakens America, and anything that weakens America weakens the whole free world.

Whatever happened over Iran is in the past and nothing can change it. I fervently believe that the message now should be that there is important work to be done and that you are going to do it.

You will find great support for that over here in Europe – and I am sure in America too.

If you would like to talk about the issues on which we need to press ahead, I hope that you will call me.

Denis joins me in sending you and Nancy our affectionate good wishes and support.

Yours ever