A cunning suggestion

In a valiant attempt to keep her father at home during World War II, ten year old Carolyn Weatherhogg sent the following letter to the White House in October of 1943. Since 1942 the U.S. Army had drafted new recruits by way of a lottery system, and as luck would have it Carolyn’s father had so far escaped conscription. Fearful that luck would only carry them so far, her letter to the President offered plans for a new selection process which cleverly took full advantage of her family name. Confident of her plan’s success, Carolyn even included her telephone number in order to enable further discussions.

Transcript follows.


Dear Mr. Roosevelt,

I am sending in a suggestion, that is draft fathers alphabetically.

I am ten years old, I live at 3800 H St., my phone number is 4-1226.

Carolyn Weatherhogg