Maddonna is utterly ARTLESS

In September of 1995, following years of supposed feuding, Madonna‘s televised chat with Kurt Loder at the VMAs was interrupted by a barely coherent Courtney Love as she launched the contents of her handbag onto the stage. Loder — quickly sensing the potential for carnage — gallantly invited Love up to join them, and the interview quickly deteriorated. A few months later, Spin Magazine published this interview with Madonna in which she recalled the incident, speculated that “drugs have destroyed [Courtney’s] brain” and predicted that Love would respond to the Spin interview by “slagging me off online.”

A short time later, Love wrote the following letter to Spin Magazine in response. If there was a third page, it was never found.

A transcript does follow, but it was difficult. Apologies for the mistakes.

(Source: Hard Rock International; Image of Courtney Love via.)


Letters c/o Craig Marks from Courtney. (hey stop selling my Diary man!)

Dear Spin:

Maddonna wishes Id slag her. how can I insult wallpaper? Except to say, “That wallpaper in your Guest Room kinda sucks & ignore it? Her disco sucks. Thats all. Finito. Im a Rock chick. Rock chicks dont like disco. Ok? In another publication she said that Whitney and Mariah have ‘no point of view’. Fair Enough. But, what? She does? heh heh heh. I dont particularly know or Dislike her, I just think she is utterly ARTLESS. (of course the Boys; Kurt, Eddie, Trent, Billy etc are Immune to this mysandrinist bitchery due to having scrotums) So me and P.J. and Liz and Elastica etc. are utterly too “Angsty”? Oh Eat me!! I can’t even recite a lyric of hers, shes a Disco singer. She’s not a poet or a musician. Shes a Giant celebrity Dancer. What to Get the Girl who has Everything? Indie Credibility!! “I want it NOW Daddy. Buy it for me”

As for Alanis Morissette, I disagree with you Mr Guccione, Ms. Morissette is a Product of Madonnas Fatal Flaw, contrivance at every level, at Maverick it was said to us that; (circa Early 91); “those Guys at Geffen are total Geniuses for Thinking up this whole ‘Grunge’ Thing, and putting that Nirvana Band together” – They, in thier laugh tracks, backing tracks, payola, paid cheering sections and contrived Artist minds could not even concieve that a seminal real Band could exist & succeed.

Try getting in a stinky van and touring this Country #99 times in the summer in a shitty shack with 4-20 people screaming “FREEBIRD!!” Getting broken teeth and Fingers and spit on and bald spots and bruised legs from Stage Diving. So here’s the Debbie Gibson of Canada “The People’s Courtney” As another publication called her; stick her with the Guy who wrote for Wilson/Phillips and Michael Jackson and, Good Christ They can come come up with ONE faux alternative song (its a pretty Good one too, which is terrifying – Now any Senior in high school with a poem will get a Backing Band & Rent a studio Guys – Are YOU ready for this Influx? EEEEK!) the Rest is BUNK-100% Spin Doctors meets Toad the Wet Sheryl with a ‘Good’ female voice. Im Glad Alanis is spreading “peace” Rather then “Angst” – And she Bugs me no more than Faith no more Bugged the Chili Peppers in thier Chili pepper phase; or no more than Candlebox (whose singer called me begging for cred as If I can Dispense it! He was a nice enough Guy, But Dispensing Cred, is I believe the Full time ‘Jobs’ of a certain band from Manhattan.) could have ‘bugged’ Kurt…..Im an opinionated kinda Gal, sorry, But Madonna Fascinates me in much the same way I Fascinate her (this crazed clothes horse, Cruella De Ville sucked into the mirror of her own Vanity.) Except I think ‘Fascinate’ is pushing it, a sort of passing interest from time to time, beyond that, Im really searching here, There isnt one single of hers I like,