I feel disposable, used and insignificant

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that extramarital affairs are an extremely common occurrence, and as such letters similar to the one below — in which a recently jilted lover begs a cheating husband for further secret contact — are nothing special, and certainly not unique. However this particular letter, written five weeks after the husband called off their affair, is certainly of note as a result of the following details: 1. Its “handsome” recipient was Bill Clinton; and 2. Its disgruntled sender, “M,” was in fact Monica Lewinsky.

More documents relating to the Clinton-Lewinsky affair can be found here.

Transcript follows.


29 June 1997

Dear Handsome,

I really need to discuss my situation with you. We have not had any contact for over five weeks. You leave on Sat. and I leave for Madrid with the SecDef on Monday returning the 14th of July. I am then heading out to Los Angeles for a few days. If I do not speak to you before I leave, when I return it will have been two months since we last spoke. Please do not do this. I feel disposable, used and insignificant. I understand your hands are tied but I want to talk to you and look at some options. I am begging you one last time to please let me visit briefly Tuesday evening. I will call Betty Tuesday afternoon to see if it is o.k.

– M