My life couldn’t fill a penny postcard

In response to a request for ‘biographical information’ by Harper’s Magazine‘s managing editor Russell Lynes, 21-year-old Andy Warhol wrote the following self-deprecating note. It was 1949, Warhol had recently moved to New York following his graduation at Carnegie Tech, and he was already starting to impress as a commercial artist having just illustrated Vega, a short story by John Cheever which was to be featured in Harper’s itself.

Little did he or Lynes know, but his life story would soon fill many a book.

Transcript follows.


Hello mr lynes
thank you very much

biographical information

my life couldn’t fill a penny postcard
i was born in pittsburgh in 1928 (like everyone else – in a steel mill)
i graduated from Carnegie Tech
now i’m in NY city moving from one roach infested apartment to another.

andy warhol