This is the second fan letter of my long career

It’s nice to know that someone as supremely gifted as Norman Rockwell (born on this day in 1894) wrote fan letters. Realise too that this particular example wasn’t penned by Rockwell as a child but in 1948 when he was both 54 years of age and already extremely established as an artist. It was written to Al Parker – another incredible talent and fellow illustrator whose work can be appreciated via this fantastic Flickr set – and was sent in response to a piece Parker produced for an edition of Ladies’ Home Journal.

Transcript follows.


February 25th

Dear Al-

This is the second fan letter of my long career.

It is prompted by your superb illustration on page 34 of the current Ladies’ Home Journal.

It is simply extraordinary. Your amazing creativeness, taste and versatility.

While the rest of us are working knee-deep in a groove you are forever changing and improving.

You have brought more freshness, charm and vitality to illustration than any other living illustrator.

Now at last I have said it and I feel much better because I have been believing this for a long, long time.