Where do you expect our children to live?

Believing such a novel and symbolic form of correspondence more likely to reach and influence its intended audience, L. McKenzie wrote the following plea in 1980 to then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter on a piece of 2×4, and mailed it to the White House. McKenzie built houses for a living and as such was particularly affected by the current recession, so he wrote to Carter and urged him to help struggling mortgage-holders by supporting the Brooke-Cranston bill. Little did he know, but that downturn was actually the first, milder drop in what turned out to be a ‘double-dip‘ recession.

Transcript follows.


Dear Jimmy

The general economy may be in a recession but housing is in a depression. Immediate action must be taken to assist our industry – it equals 5 Chrysler Corporations. Thousands of jobs and companies are being lost along with the tax dollars plus added costs i.e. unemployment compensation. Available and affordable funds must be made available now – a good start would be Brooke-Cranston. Where do you expect our children to live? This piece of 2×4 is not wasted if you get the message and then put in your wood burning stove.