I am going to put the Commission out of commission

Born in 1863, one-time blacksmith Bob ‘The Freckled Freak’ Fitzsimmons was the world’s first three-division champion boxer and, as a result of his phenomenal upper-body strength, possessed the hardest punch of all fighters by quite a margin. Just prior to writing the following letter on his truly magnificent, befittingly boastful letterhead, the boxing commission had refused to renew his boxing license on account of his age (he was 51) and he was clearly furious. Refusing to accept the decision he appealed, but to no avail; his last fight took place that year. Three years later Fitzsimmons passed away after suffering from pneumonia.

Transcript follows.



JOHN MEEK, Manager

To Sporting Editor:
Who, in your opinion, is the best fighter of to-day and also of all times?
We may say, Bob Fitzsimmons, everything considered.
N.Y.Evening World, Dec.2, 1913

Bound Brook, NJ
Jan 7th 1914

My Dear Mr Biglow

I received the beautifull smoking jacket also the bottle of Byes and I thank you for them the coat fits fine but the Wiskey I will leave for my friends to drink, and I hope I will never touch Wiskey again it is no good. I am training hard now. I fight Dan Daley on the 22 of this month at Wiliams Port Pa and I fight the Boxing Commission next week. I am going to put the Commission out of commission they have no right to bar me from boxing and stop me from geting a living, they have even bared me from sparing with my son in an exibition even if I was offered 1000 a week I would not be alowed to get it by sparing in NJ State a fine job they have done, but we will suprise them before long. I had Mabel out Monday night to dinner. We dined at three places then I walked home with her to the Welington Hotel. I do not think she is very happy but she has herself to blame and no one else, I feel sorry for her anyway. Trusting you are injoying good health, and I wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

Sincerely your friend

Robert Fitzsimmons