From the archives of Heritage Auctions comes what appears to be the hilarious last page of a letter from Comic-Con co-founder and letterer Shel Dorf to legendary DC Comics editor Julie Schwartz. Usually I’d refrain from posting less than the entire missive but this particular sheet, written on Dorf’s early ’80s letterhead and bearing a striking Superman illustration, is just too fantastic and amusing to brush to one side.


Transcript follows.



Since “Superman” was created by a couple of Jewish kids from Cleveland, that makes him Jewish. Raised in a small town by a “Goyisha” couple, he probably never knew. Also, they didn’t have a Synagogue in town, so he probably wasn’t Bar-Mitzvah’d. It’s doubtful that he was Circumscised. The foreskin of the superbaby would’ve been impossible to cut! What a mess!

Knowing that “Lois Lane” was her professional name, I checked old records and discovered that her real name was Lois Farbotnik. So a union between them would be “kosher” Let’s hope we can all straighten out this mess soon.

yrs for Comic Fandom, I remain Sincerely,


Shel Dorf