Your Friend, Conan

In 2003, with her prom fast approaching and a date as yet undecided, Ohio-based Nikki Simmons took a chance and sent an invite to her idol: a certain flame-haired talk show host. She says, “I asked Conan O’Brien to prom when I was in eleventh grade… so many many years ago… Although he turned me down, he was awesome enough to write back! I’ll always be a Conan fan!”.

Many thanks to Nikki for letting us show the letter, and to Margo for the tip.

Transcript follows.

The Letter

Late Night with Conan O’Brien

Jan.24, 2003

Dear Nikki –

Thanks for your very flattering offer. It’s great to know I have such a devoted fan out there, and I’m sure you would make a great prom date (I didn’t go to mine – it’s a very sad story).

Unfortunately, I got married recently and my wife doesn’t allow me to go to proms anymore with cute 16 year old girls. Still, it was very cool of you to ask me. Thanks and have a great evening.

Your Friend,