No way!

Here we have an awkward but amusing letter from Fahrenheit 451 author Ray Bradbury that hints at an embarrassing misunderstanding. I’m afraid I know nothing of the back-story with regards to this note; feel free to chime in below with any information you may have. I’d attempt some research myself but today is a public holiday and as such a perfect excuse not to.

Enjoy your day.

Transcript follows. The letter was sold at auction in January of this year.


Dear Nard:

If I recommended adultery, I don’t remember hearing me say it!
Good Grief, how one can recommend that, would be beyond me. You must have misunderstood something I said!

No way!

So, be of good cheer!

We are both Christians together in a difficult world!

Much love. Survive the summer. Onward into Autumn! and SOMETHING WICKED on the screen at last, we hope. Starts filming in October!

(Signed, ‘Ray’)