Could you send me a little something?

Hot on the heels of Steve Martin’s personal letter comes another fan mail response  again with a humorous post-script  but this time courtesy of Martin’s sorely missed Planes, Trains and Automobiles co-star: the late, great, John Candy. It was sent in December of 1984, just months after Candy’s breakout role in Splash had hit the screens, and three years before his fantastically funny performance opposite Martin caused millions to sob with laughter.

Transcript follows. Many thanks to Paige.


John Candy
R.R. #1
Queensville, Ontario
L0G 1R0

December 11,1984

Curt A. Silvers

Dear Curt:

Hoping this letter finds you in good health. In response to your letter, I’m sending you a photo.

Sorry about the delay. Fortunately, I’ve been busy…oh, enough excuses. I’m sure you don’t buy that anyway.

I promise to keep in touch more often. Honest. I really mean it. I’m not lying. I’m not. Honest. I gotta go, okay?

Your friend from the North,


John Candy

P.S. Could you send me a little something? Acting isn’t working out like I planned.