To All Potty-Mouthed Inbetweeners

At the risk of featuring too much Disney-related correspondence within such a short space of time, here we have an intriguing inter-office memo passed on to all members of the studio’s Inbetween Department in 1939 due to an influx of ‘gross language’ amongst certain artists. It seems the management were concerned about the impact of such coarse chatter on the company’s female staff. The memo instantly brings to mind the first missive ever featured on Letters of Note.

Also of note, and my final Disney document for a while – I promise – is the 1946 Cartoon Continuity Chart.

Transcript follows.




TO MR All personnel IBT Dept.
FROM MR Hal Adelquist
DATE January 17 1939
SUBJECT Departmental conduct

Attention has been called to the rather gross language that is being used by some members of the IBT Department in the presence of some of our female employees.

It has always been Walt’s hope that the Studio could be a place where girls can be employed without fear of embarrassment or humiliation.

Your cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.