The quilt is beyond beautiful… Beyond!!!

In April of 2008, members of various online communities came together in an effort to send their idol, Johnny Depp, a unique quilt for his birthday the next year, and by February of 2009 it had been crafted. The quilt, comprising of over a hundred small squares of material – all signed by various fans around the world – was then sent to Depp that April. He graciously responded with the letter seen below, just a month later.

Transcript follows. For more information about the ‘Namaste Project’, visit this blog.


Puerto Rico, 25th May, 2009

Dearest Susan & All Those Involved With The Making Of…,

Upon opening the package I received recently, I, of course, had no idea what to expect. It didn’t matter however, since nothing could have prepared me for what I found. After I had picked myself back up off the floor, I knew the first thing I had to do was write to you all!!!

The quilt is beyond beautiful… Beyond!!! I have no idea how these few words can offer up any more than scant reward for such a tremendous effort, but please know that I am at my most sincere, when I say that the generosity of spirit from everyone involved with the construction of this astonishing work of art has truly, truly touched me. I am profoundly grateful. How kind, thoughtful and wonderful of you all to produce something so personal and so perfect for my birthday!!!

Thank you, to you all, from the bottom of my heart. You are diamonds, all of you, and of course, friends. Your magnificent creation, and the names thereon, will live proudly in my abode, with my precious famille and I, for evermore.

Your friend,

With all love and respect=