The best reappraisals are born in the worst crisis

On February 11th of 1961, just a week after her final movie was released to disappointing reviews, a depressed, exhausted and frequently ill Marilyn Monroe admitted herself for psychiatric treatment in New York. Whilst there, Marlon Brando sent the following note of support. Tragically, just over a year later Monroe passed away.

The note sold for $36’000 in 2005.

Transcript follows.



Marilyn Monroe
Nurological Institute Clinic
Presbyterian Hospital
168th & Broadway
New York City, N.Y.

Dear Marilyn:

The best reappraisals are born in the worst crisis. It has happened to all of us in relative degrees. Be glad for it and don’t be afraid of being afraid. It can only help. Relax and enjoy it. I send you my thoughts and my warmest affections.