I was not an actress but rather a victim of degradation

October, 1986: In response to an autograph request from a fan, actress Linda Boreman writes the following angry note. Fourteen years previous, in 1972, Boreman, under her stage name Linda Lovelace, had starred in a hardcore pornographic movie that would go on to become the highest grossing x-rated film of all time: Deep Throat; it wasn’t until the late 1970s that such claims of abuse – at the hands of then-husband and production manager on the movie, Chuck Traynor – began to surface.

Transcript follows.

Recommended reading: Ordeal: The Truth Behind Deep Throat.



You say you have repeatly written for a signature. Let me explain you should read my book “Ordeal” in it you will learn I was not a star or actress but rather an unwilling participant and victim of degradation. I find it difficult when people say they admire my films.