We’re One Year Old!


Amazingly, it’s Letters of Note’s first birthday today. Since September 9th of last year, at which point I kicked off proceedings by posting this letter from the 1938 offices of Disney, I’ve featured a total of 341 pieces of notable correspondence on the website; all the while truly enjoying the overwhelmingly positive reactions of the millions of readers Letters of Note has managed to attract. Although increasingly time-consuming, running the project has been, and continues to be, a pleasure.

It was very tempting to give the website an overhaul to celebrate the milestone, but after some careful thought I came to the conclusion – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – that it’s simply not needed. Everything functions as it should, and the simple, clean layout lets the material speak for itself without interference. Perfect. The one thing the site was crying out for though, and a feature I’ve been asked about on numerous occasions, is an archive page. So, I’ve spent the past week or so tinkering behind the scenes and am now proud to announce the archives open. Head on over, have a look, and then please let me know what you think/point out all glaring errors.

Unfortunately there will be no new letter today. Setting up those archives has eaten up a frightening amount of my time recently, over the past few days especially, and as such I now need to catch up with some work for which I actually get paid. Which reminds me: feel free to donate to the cause by clicking here; it’s the only way I make any money from the site (apart from a few Amazon referral links which have so far netted me just over £7 – Kerching!) and all contributions are both appreciated and needed.

Finally, feel free to contribute letters/tips (email me) and remember to spread the word. There are literally millions of fascinating letters out there; the larger our audience, the greater the chances are of those previously unseen gems reaching the site.

Thanks to all of you for making the site’s first year so successful. Here’s to many more!