Am Ricely and Chickenly Yours

Here’s a heartwarming, poem-topped letter from the late jazz legend Louis Armstrong — sent to a poorly friend of the family, named Gina Nirova — that serves to illustrate Satchmo’s charming habit of signing off informal letters in an offbeat manner. Other notable examples of Armstrong’s colourful valediction include: “Am Trumpetly Yours”; “Am Ulceratedly Yours”; “Yours Soul Foodly”, and, most famously, “Am Red Beans and Ricely Yours”.

Transcript follows.

Recommended reading: Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong.



Fox Theatre,
Detroit Mich,


Gina Gina Gina
We’re so glad we’ve seen her
And between Lucille and I
Don’t you know-?
We love Gina’s Mother and Father-Also.

Dear Gina:

Just finished reading your very fine letter (as usual) and am very happy indeed to know that you and your very lovely family still thinks we’re (Lucille and I) are still O.K….Of course you all know that we feel the same exact way about you and your family also…We opened here yesterday and the show we’re in is very nice and doing real great…..We will be here for one week…Then we will go to Washington D.C. to play at some night club there for one week also…

It certainly did make me feel very bad to hear you’re not feeling so well….Because you’re always vivacious, etc, which I admire in you greatly….So hurry up and get welll – ‘You hear?……’ Nay Nay….We won’t have that…….Lucille is not with me…She stayed home until we return…She’s so busy getting ready for her trip to Europe….Oh yess-she’s all up in the air over it…I’m happy for her….

So Gina my dear – take it easy-and I’m sure everything will turn out alright for you….The most you need is some rest…Maybe you’ve been going too much….So please remember – rest is very important in show business……Love to Mama and Papa…Also tell Mama I can hardly wait to get another enchore of her good good good cooking….’Yea Man’……….

Am Ricely and Chickenly yours,

(Signed, ‘Louis Armstrong’)