i’m still listening, it’s fun

Below, from the pen of Iggy Pop, is a charming handwritten knock-back to a young Austrian fan named Heinz Riegler. Many years ago Riegler had, on the off-chance, sent Iggy a cassette tape containing his band’s latest album, along with a letter in which he asked the Stooges frontman to feature on one of their songs. To Iggy’s credit – and Riegler’s surprise – a friendly response, albeit negative, soon materialised.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of Heinz Riegler.



first, i wanna tell you i enjoy austria a lot and i think the culture from there is really important, also the countryside is beautiful. i’m from rural U. S. A, who gives a fuck?

anyway i appreciated the letter, i’m hoping to grow as a musician in future and i think the input from this correspondence can help me, if it doesn’t completely fuck me up, hahaha!!! anyway i think the music (on the tape you sent) has some kind of good feeling to it, it’s playing & i haven’t wanted to turn it off yet, i’m on the third song now, i don’t wanna sing on it, but—oh, that’s pretty cool, the beginning of the 3RD song, i like that—or maybe that was the third song, anyway, good fucking luck & thanks, i’m still listening, it’s fun,


(Signed, ‘Iggy Pop’)