The rap singers is taken the advantage of me

Courtesy of James Brown fanatic Brian Gorse, below are two intriguing handwritten letters from the late-Godfather of Soul. The first is a brief break-up letter written to a ‘beautiful girl’ named ‘Princess D’, in which Brown softens the blow of impending separation by offering her what I can only presume to be six thousand dollars. Rather less affectionate, however, is the second letter, in which Brown – one of the most sampled recording artists in history – reprimands an undisclosed recipient for not collecting all royalties owed to him by the record companies of various ‘rap singers’.

Transcripts (edited slightly for readability) follow each image, both of which were supplied by Brian Gorse. Thanks Brian.

Image: Brian Gorse


Hi sport, Darling

I’m suggesting that we make this trip our last one, not that I don’t care but it’s not that you’re not a beautiful girl. I hope our short relation— got you on the good foot. I’m going to give you another six thousand so you won’t have to go work to quick but you’ll be fine. I’ll always be your friend.


To Princess D

Image: Brian Gorse


Dear Sir

To whom it may concern. I don’t know if you know God, but what you have done to me, you will not be successful very long and then you’ll know what it means to be taken the advantage of. I have more songs than any other, and the rap singers is taken the advantage of me. Not the singers but the record co. They owe me fortune and you are not collecting my money. You are big now you can be small (again).

James Brown

Some day?