Do not hand over any tapes to Paul McCartney

Below we have two letters that perfectly illustrate the rift that ultimately tore The Beatles apart following the death of manager Brian Epstein and Apple Corps‘ subsequent failings. First, the draft of an undated letter in Lennon‘s hand that essentially bars Paul McCartney and his new manager, Lee Eastman, from accessing The Beatles’ recordings without authorisation; followed by a 1969 letter to Eastman specifically, signed by Lennon, Harrison and Starr, in which he is reminded in no uncertain terms that, despite his managing of McCartney, he has no control over the affairs of the band.

Transcripts follow. First image courtesy of Alexander Autographs; second image courtesy of Moments in Time, where the letter itself is currently for sale.


Media Sound.

Please do not release hand over any Apple Record Tapes to anybody other person except either John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, or someone bearing a letter with one or more of their signituer.

John Lennon,
President, Apple Records
George Harrison, Director


Eastman and Eastman
39 West 54th Street
New York
New York 10019

18th April 1969

Attention Lee Eastman, Esq.

Dear Mr. Eastman,

This is to inform you of the fact that you are not authorized to act or to hold yourself out as the attourney or legal representative of “The Beatles” or of any of the companies which the Beatles own or control.

We recognize that you are authorized to act for Paul McCartney, personally, and in this regard we will instruct our representatives to give you the fullest cooperation.

We would appreciate your forwarding to

ABKCO Industries Inc.
1700 Broadway
New York

all documents, correspondence and files which you hold in your possession relating to the affairs of the Beatles, or any of the companies which the Beatles own or control.

Very truly yours,

John Lennon

Richard Starkey

George Harrison