I’m sending you a poem

In 1970, eager to spread the word about a low-key magazine he had just launched, the editor of the very short-lived Vishtaroone sent a copy of its first and possibly only issue to the frontman of T. Rex, Marc Bolan. Ever-gracious, Bolan responded to the fan with three things: a handwritten letter; an as-yet-unpublished poem to be used in the next issue, and the offer of more original material in future. All without charge.

Transcript follows. Images kindly supplied by Jeff at Hard Rock; owners of a staggering amount of music memorabilia who have a regularly updated, highly recommended Facebook page.  


thank you For sending me your magazine, time is always short so I’m sure people will like your work. I’m sending you a poem. If you like it, periodically when I have things I’m unlikely to publish you’re welcome to use them.

be well
in pain & peace

as a friend

Marc bolan


Spare some thought when curtaining out the night. For is it not the platform on which the morning is staged.

one bent day, a man at a play
climbed in thru my window way
a top tall hat all on him sat
a silver sheild around him kneeled.

meadows wild, this elderly child
told me of, a broken glove, a
token of love. From a person he’d once
been part of, and in natural night
he took flight, giving me an
apple from a box he held, and another
hat beautifully Flat with eastern
brocade on the parts that were frayed

© copyright marc bolan 70.