What Makes Nancy So Great, by Sidney

[Do not read the following if easily offended]

1978. Hugely troubled punk rocker Sid Vicious was 20 years of age when he penned the following affectionate note – a love letter of sorts that simply listed his girlfriend’s best qualities – and gave it to Nancy Spungen. Just months later Spungen was stabbed to death, and Vicious was the man suspected of her murder. A heroin overdose killed him before the trial commenced.

I shall warn you again: the note – point 9 specifically – has the potential to offend.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of the lovely Jeff Nolan again, curator of Hard Rock‘s memorabilia vaults. Follow them on Facebook or be damned.


What Makes Nancy So Great By Sidney

1 Beautiful
2 Sexy
3 Beautiful figure
4 Great sense of humour
5 Makes extremely interesting conversation
6 Witty
7 Has beautiful eyes
8 Has fab taste in clothes
9 Has the most beautiful wet pussy in the world
10 Even has sexy feet
11 Is extremely smart
12 A great Hustler