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[Do not read if easily offended]

In December of 2003, an article written by Richard Dawkins appeared in Free Inquiry magazine. In it, he wrote of a dangerous drug named Gerin Oil and the many millions of deaths around the globe attributed to its existence. Said Dawkins:

“The four doomed flights of September 11th 2001 were Gerin Oil trips: all nineteen of the hijackers were high on the drug at the time. Historically, Geriniolism was responsible for atrocities such as the Salem Witch Hunts and the massacres of Native South Americans by Conquistadores. Gerin Oil fuelled most of the wars of the European Middle Ages and, in more recent times, the carnage that attended the partitioning of the Indian subcontinent and of Ireland.”

The whole article can be read here, and in fact the drug is fictional; its name being an anagram of the word ‘religion’. Unsurprisingly, angry letters soon appeared, and below is just one stunningly coarse example; angrily written in 2008 by a Mr. Peter Colley.

Again: do not read if easily offended.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of Richard Dawkins, via PZ Meyers.

Image: PZ Myers



Sept. 6, 2008


You are a filthy, motherfucking, pigshit cunt of an arsehole British pig and bastard to cheat, deceive, and hoodwink readers with your rotten Free Inquiry article (which shit I enclose so that you can read your own drivel!). No one but an arrogant, putrid, verminous burke would resort to such a cheap, pigsty trick (unless, of course, he is Michael Shermer, who is as much of a stinking cunt and skunk as you are). Wallow well in your Oxford pigsty, elitist British oaf and vermin!!! I spit on shit like you, especially if they are British elitist turds!!!

Most sincerely yours,

(Signed, ‘Peter Colley’)

Peter Colley

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