Please Help Me Win This Thing

Dear All,

I was informed earlier today that Letters of Note has been chosen as a nominee at the 15th Annual Webby Awards. This is instantly really great news but potentially — should the site win — stupendous, as these particular awards bring with them an enormous amount of publicity for the winners, which in turn would bring more people to the website, which in turn would increase the chances of previously unseen letters reaching my, and your, eyeballs. It’s essentially a sure-fire way to bring more content to the blog.

Therefore, I would be supremely grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes to cast a vote over at the Webby Awards website. In order to vote you have to register, however it’s nothing taxing and you can even use your Facebook or Twitter account to make the process even easier. The direct link for the category in which Letters of Note is competing (Blog – Cultural) can be found here. Just click, register, and vote!

(EDIT: It seems some people are having trouble with that direct link. Here is an alternative one.)

Thank you thank you thank you, and fingers crossed.
P.S. Best of luck (but not too much) to my fellow nominees.