We are standing on the threshold of Great events!

On April 14th of 1993 — day 46 of the Waco seige — leader of the Mount Carmel Branch Davidian sect, David Koresh, released what would be his final letter to his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin. In it, he spoke of his excitement at being given permission by God to “put the Seven Seals in written form,” after which he and his followers would be able to leave the compound in which they were currently living. Unfortunately for all involved no such development occurred and, with the world looking on, the 51-day stand-off came to a head five days later as the FBI/ATF staged a final CS gas assault. Over the course of the next few hours 74 men, women and children — Koresh included — tragically perished, many due to a fire that had since consumed the premises.

Transcript follows. Images courtesy of Rick Ross.

Images: Rick Ross


April 14, 1993

Hello Dick,

As far as our progress is concerned, here is where we stand: I have related two messages, from God, to the F.B.I.; one of which concerns present danger to people here in Waco.

I was shown a fault line running throughout the Lake Waco area. An angel is standing in charge of this event. Many people, here in Waco, know that we are a good people, and yet, they have shown the same resentful spirit of indifference to our “warnings of love.”

I am presently being permitted to document, in structured form, the decoded messages of the 7 Seals. Upon the completion of this task, I will be freed of my “waiting period.” I hope to finish this as soon as possible and to stand before man to answer any and all questions regarding my actions.

This written Revelation of the 7 Seals will not be sold, but is to be available to all who wish to know the Truth. The four Angels of Revelation 7 are here, now ready to punish foolish mankind; but, the writing of these Seals will cause the winds of God’s wrath to be held back a little longer.

I have been praying so long for this opportunity; to put the Seals in written form. Speaking the Truth seems to have very little effect on man.

I was shown that as soon as I am given over into the hands of man, I will be made a spectacle of, and people will not be concerned about the truth of God, but just the bizarrity of me – the flesh (person).

I want the people of this generation to be saved. I am working night and day to complete my final work of the writing out of “these Seals.”

I thank my Father, He has finally granted me the chance to do this. It will bring New Light and hope for many and they will not have to deal with me the person.

The earthquake in Waco is something not to be taken lightly. It will probably be “the thing” needed to shake some sense into the people. Remember, Dick, the warning came first and I fear that the F.B.I. is going to suppress this information. It may be left up to you.

I will demand the first manuscript of the Seals be given to you. Many scholars and religious leaders will wish to have copies for examination. I will keep a copy with me. As soon as I can see that people, like Jim Tabor and Phil Arnold have a copy I will come out and then you can do your thing with this Beast.

I hope to keep in touch with you by letter, so please give your address.

We are standing on the threshold of Great events! The 7 Seals, in written form are the most sacred information ever!

David Koresh