We’re 500-letters-old!

Dear All,

We hit 500 published letters yesterday. I just had an extra sugar in my tea to celebrate.

I wanted to mention it, if only to officially mark the arrival of a milestone that has taken 20 months of week-daily posts and many hours of (spectacularly enjoyable) effort. Of course this is just the beginning, and by the time I die of old-age the archives will be many thousands strong. I also wanted an excuse to create a celebratory image as amateurish as the one seen above. Remember: it’s all my work, please don’t blame anyone else.

Thanks to all who frequent these parts; your visits and (mostly) kind words are invaluable to my project and make the experience all the more enjoyable. Should you wish to support the site even more, you can donate (thank you!) and, as I keep mentioning, vote for Letters of Note at the Webby Awards (voting closes Thursday, please help!).

I love you all.

Thanks again.