The Webby Awards results have just been announced, and unfortunately Letters of Note has failed to win either of the two prizes up for grabs in its category. To be honest I’m gutted, as winning an award of such prominence would’ve shone quite a bright light on the website and potentially brought a lot of new letters to the collection, however I’ve given myself a sobbing deadline of 5pm today in order to minimise the defeat’s impact on proceedings. The show goes on.

Enormous thanks to all of you for putting up with my repeated pleas to vote, and even heartier thanks for actually voting on a site that I realise wasn’t the easiest to navigate; I know we put up a good fight. Also, keep your suggestions coming should you know of any notable letters, and spread the word.

Finally, congrats to the victors, in particular Laughing Squid. You deserve it.

Thanks again everyone.