I have no interest in you or your life

Back in 1994, then aged 14, Tom Stuart wrote a letter to Lee and Herring — the British comedy duo behind one of his favourite shows, Fist of Fun — and, after introducing himself as a young fan of their work, asked a few questions. A fairly lengthy reply soon arrived, the vast majority of which had been written very kindly by Stewart Lee and which answered many of Tom’s questions. Below, in all its glory, is the beautifully crafted response from the other half of the partnership, Richard Herring; found in the corner of the last page underneath Lee’s thoughtful reply.

A delight.

UPDATE: Richard Herring responds.

Transcript follows. Huge thanks to Tom for supplying the image. Unfortunately this is all that remains of the since-misplaced letter, along with another section (see here) in which Stewart Lee discusses both the Pixies and Chris Morris’ face.

Image: Tom Stuart


Dear Tom,

I have no interest in you or your life.


Richard Herring