Thank you for not hitting me

Rolling Stone, April 25th, 1974 (Click for full article)

John Lennon was already drunk when he arrived at L.A.’s Troubador nightclub on March 11th, 1974. A few Brandy Alexanders later and he was even heckling the main act, the Smothers Brothers, whilst being egged on by his friend, Harry Nilsson. A subsequent call for quiet by the Brothers’ manager saw the situation quickly deteriorate and before long, following a flurry of punches, Lennon, Nilsson and a number of their friends were being forcibly ejected from the premises. It was then, outside the venue, that Lennon allegedly slapped a female photographer.

Below: One of many apology notes written the next day and sent to those involved along with expensive bunches of flowers. This particular note reached actress Pam Grier. Having met Lennon that night for the first time, she had inadvertently become involved in the commotion and was later asked to leave.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of The Grio.

Image: The Grio


Dear Pam,

I apologize for being so rude and thank you for not hitting me.

John Lennon

P.S. Harry Nilsson feels the same way.