Your ever gracious tenant, Bruce Springsteen

Early-1975, just months before the release of Born to Run — the breakthrough album that would see him almost immediately catapulted to mega-stardom — Bruce Springsteen was hand-writing apologetic notes to his “landlordess,” Marilyn Rocky, due to late rent payments. The autograph practice was soon put to good use as, according to Marilyn, by August of that year the house in Long Branch, New Jersey, “was under siege” as a result of her tenant’s newfound fame.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of Terry Burr.

Image: Terry Burr


Dear Landlordess,

This is the only water bill I have. I think there was one other one but it wasn’t much and I took care of it myself. Anyway they haven’t sent any notices so I guess it’s O.K.

Sorry if the rent is late this month but I forgot to tell the office in N.Y. that they were gonna send it out. If you don’t have it now it’s in the mail and should arrive tomorrow or the next day.

Your ever gracious tenant

Bruce Springsteen

P.S. Do you like this classy writin’ paper?

P.S.S. I’m practicing my autograph. Whadya think?