Keep drawing

This charming letter was written in 2009 by long-serving Viz cartoonist Graham Dury to a young man named Charlie, in response to some cartoons he sent to the comic’s offices. For an aspiring artist and fan of the comic to receive such a positive reply β€” not to mention the nibs and unwanted Roger Mellie doll β€” must have been quite something.

All in all an admirable response; worth receiving if only for the letterhead.

Transcript follows. Image courtesy of Charlie Ray.

Image: Charlie Ray | Click here to embiggen




Thanks very much for sending me some of your cartoons. I showed them to everyone in the office and we all thought they were great. And you obviously have fun drawing them.

When I was young, I met a lot of people who told me that drawing cartoons was a waste of time. If you meet any of these people, don’t listen to them! You’ve got a great talent and you should keep it up.

I’ve sent you a pen holder and some nibs so as you can have a go at drawing some in ink β€” we usually draw them in pencil first then go over them. But be careful, as the nibs are sharp.

Oh, and I’ve put you a Roger Mellie doll in as well because we can’t sell them.

Best wishes and keep drawing

Graham Dury