Don’t hesitate — Do it now!

Here we have a real piece of cinema history in the form of a hugely important letter from 1924, written by Walt Disney, in which he urges his good friend, the great Ub Iwerks, to up sticks and join him at the recently formed Disney Productions in Hollywood. Luckily for him — and us — Walt’s persistence paid off, and soon Iwerks arrived at the studio to work his magic. He went on to create Mickey Mouse, one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time.

This letter sold for a mammoth $247,800.00 (incl. fees etc.) in May of this year.

Transcript follows. Images courtesy of iCollector.

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Disney Bros. Studio
Hollywood, Calif.

June 1st 1924

Dear friend Ubbe:

I’ll say I was surprised to hear from you and also glad to hear from you. Everything is going fine with us and am glad you have made up your mind to come out. Boy you will never regret it — this is the place for you — a real country — to work and play in — no kidding — don’t change your mind — remember what Old Horace Greeley said “Go west young man — go west!” —

We have just finished our sixth comedy for M. J. Winkler and are starting to-morrow on the seventh of the first series of 12. Miss Winkler is well pleased with them and has given us some high praise — she is leaving New York for here June 1st, and I believe we will be able to start a twice a month schedule instead of our monthly schedule —

I can give you a job — as artist-cartoonist and etc. with the Disney Productions, most of the work would be cartooning — answer at once and let me know what you want to start and I will write more details — At the present time I have one fellow helping me on the animating, & three girls that do the inking etc. while Roy handles the business end — I have a regular cast of kids that I use in the pictures and little Virginia is the star —

I was talking with Mr. Davis last nite — told him you was figuring on coming out and he wants you to drive his car out — it is a seven passenger cadilac — he will pay all expenses on the car — such as gas, oil and up keep — I think it is a dandy proposition, and the best way to come out — you could have a nice trip —

Mr Davis says it is a good car — an old model but has not been driven very far — he wants you to go over to the Muchmore Garage 3220 (under Georgia Browns Dramatic School) and take a look at it, just tell them you are figuring on driving it out for him — then write and let me know what you want to do, and how soon you can come out – if you can leave before the first of the month all the better — of course you would sell all of your furniture and also your car? Wouldn’t you? — I believe it would be best if you did — Any ways write and let me know all the details — give my regards to every one at the Film Ad and the boys at the Arabian Knights — and also to your mother — As ever your old friend.

Walt —

Don’t hesitate — Do it now — !

— P. D. Q. —

P.S. I wouldn’t live in K.C. now if you gave me the place — yep — you bet — Hooray for Hollywood — !!