Letters of Note – The Book

I need your help, to produce a book. A Letters of Note book. A beautifully bound, satisfyingly weighty book filled with many of the website’s best letters, plus a selection previously unseen. It will be lovingly made using thick, uncoated paper — the perfect material on which to print reproductions of such amazing correspondence. As with this website, each image will be accompanied by an introduction and a faithful transcription. This gorgeous, 400-page book will contain approximately 200 letters, and could be in your hands — all being well — in December of next year. It will be stunning, both to stare at and read. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

As I mentioned though, your support is needed. To make the process as smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible, I’ve decided to side-step the traditional route and instead team up with the lovely folks at Unbound, a fantastic young company founded by people who really love and understand books, and who have chosen to approach the publishing process from a different angle; an approach I believe to be beneficial for readers and authors alike. With Unbound, book ideas are ‘pitched’ to their potential audience; an audience who can then, should they wish, pledge their support financially in return for various different rewards. When the book is fully funded the writing and production process starts, at which time its supporters can begin to follow the author’s progress by way of a members’ area of the Unbound website. The whole process gives the reader an insight that normally wouldn’t be achievable. Of course, when the book is finished, it is delivered to all who pledged.

So, head over to the Unbound website where you will see a video pitch for the Letters of Note book. There you will be able to pledge your support at various different levels, from £30 upwards. Everyone who makes a pledge will not only receive the book when it’s ready, but they will also have their name printed in the back of every copy as a patron — a permanent reminder that they helped to produce it. Pledge more and you’ll also receive some extras, from signed collectible editions through to invites to the book’s launch party late next year. There’s even a limited edition notepad full of famous letterheads to be had, and a deluxe slipcase edition of the book. Then, when my target is met, I can afford to begin the painstaking task of acquiring the hundreds of permissions necessary for such a book, all the while safe in the knowledge that an audience awaits avidly at the end of the road.

And that’s it. By next Christmas we’ll have a beautiful Letters of Note book, made possible by you. Please, go and pledge your support if you can. The quicker the book is funded, the sooner we can begin.

(If you have any questions, get in touch by email, post, or even via Twitter. If certain questions keep popping up, I’ll add them to this post along with the answer. Also, if you have or know of any letters you think would suit the book, get in touch.)