It is the woman who pays

Says Marianne:

“In 1990 my husband passed on; I was 36-years-old and left with 3 small children. For some reason I wrote to Kurt Vonnegut and thanked him for his books and his compassion. I did not expect a reply. He must have been a kind man, as he sent this to me within a month of writing to him. I have always wanted to share his kind words. It meant, and still means, so much to me.”

So lovely.

Transcript follows. Enormous thanks to Marianne for sharing this wonderful letter.

Image: Marianne Brown


Nov. 30 ’90

Dearest Marianne Brown —

It can’t be said often enough, “It is the woman who pays.” The miracle is that so many can and do somehow. I was in love (still am) with a widow with four kids (two not her own). She somehow raised them all on a teeny weeny salary. I told her one time, “I worry about women.” She said, “Don’t.”

Cheers —


Kurt Vonnegut