Thanks for being my Dad

Today marks a decade since the death of George Harrison; with that in mind, here are two endearing handwritten letters from the late-Beatle. The first was written in 1968 to a fan who, having previously been advised by Harrison to learn the sitar, had then cheekily asked him for the money needed to purchase one. The second note was lovingly written by Harrison to his father, on an unknown date.

Another amusing letter — in which car-washing instructions were given to a fan — was written by Harrison in 1962, and can be found here.

Transcripts follow. First image supplied by Graham East; subsequent images courtesy of Bonhams.



6 April

Dear Ivan,


This is a friend of mine, and I thought you may like to have a look at her. She is called Mary and only comes out during early spring, after the monsoon period. I have just lent her my last $100, so unfortunately you are out of luck, so you will have to be satisfied with my best wishes.

Keep practising, and the best of luck to your group and yourself.

George Harrison.


Friday Morning


If I’m not awake before you & Eileen leave [you can give me a kick (and a cup of tea)] Thanks for coming! Sorry I’ve been mentally too diverted to have had more contact with you, [at least now I feel you can sense the diversity that I seem to have become the director/producer of:- and understand the problems involved in trying to do or be what we want,— in the limited time and circumstances we find ourselves in!] Anyway — Don’t ever worry or avoid whatever chance you can, to come and be with me [us] sometimes Im very Boring and was thinking of inviting ”Lou” and you’re new ”SON in LAW”? to Gladly come here on the 20th [as she requested] and try my ”best” to enjoy them and be a good ”little brother” [I’d prefer Billy Preston tho’] Never the less — to kill ’10 Burks’ with 2 stones come back with Eileen for the ‘Lou’ period — and between the bunch of us — we could possibly have a laugh [and a cry] and confuse her in one easy lesson! and save her feeling unwanted — God Bless her!

If you can, then I’ll try to be less busy so we can make up for the missing moments (that I dont enjoy missing) whilst you are Here! God Bless — Hare’ KRSNA — Love you & thanks for Being my DAD.


(Speak to you later, when you’re Back)

P.S.S. Drive safely and tell Eileen that she comforts me — because until I got to know her, a little more,— I thought ”I” was the LOONEY-EST person I knew.

P.S.S.S. thanks for the “spiritual uplift”!!