The Book of Letters of Note

Thanks to you lot, the Letters of Note book is now fully funded! It’s amazing news and means that — barring disaster — the book will be published in October of this year. All I need to do now is write it. Enormous thanks to everyone who got the project this far by either pledging or spreading the word, and please bear in mind that the book can still be pre-ordered at the Unbound website despite the target having been met. 

Until the book’s finished I’ll continue to update this blog, however in order to make my life easier and free up some valuable time I’ve decided to start featuring some letters without accompanying scans. I’ve amassed thousands of them over the years and, although they’re image-less, all are worthy of inclusion in the archives; this seems like the perfect opportunity to feature a few. All complaints relating to this development should be forwarded to 
Huge thanks again,