Keep Bill Wyman away from Keith

From their 1976 tour of Europe comes a note detailing the accommodation requirements of The Rolling Stones, plus instructions on how best to situate each member — a task no doubt complicated by the various pseudonyms used by the band. Let’s just hope that Roland, the poor chap who inherited the job at hand for the tour’s final show in Vienna, remembered to keep Bill Wyman and Keith Richards apart.

Transcript follows.

(Source: Treasures of the Rolling Stones; Image of the Stones in 1976 via.)


Dear Roland

Sorry I could not meet you. I had to leave at 10:00AM for Washington. However you will not have any trouble if you follow these notes.

1. I suggest you go to Vienna on the morning of June 22nd — to arrive in Vienna around 12:00 noon.

2. Go to the hotel first & tell them you would like to see the rooms the have blocked for you. I am enclosing copies of our correspondence.

  1. Try to place everyone on one floor.
  2. Must have at least one security man on each floor housing a musician.
  3. Callaghan should be next to Percy Thrower.
  4. Bender & Poweski near Arthur Ashe.
  5. Try to get large beds for everyone.
  6. Keep Bill Wyman away from Keith because of noise.
  7. Everyone gets rooms for single occupancy however the hotel should give us large rooms.
  8. Rooms specific other than singles are as follows:
    1. Patrick Moore (Ron Wood) must have large bed.
    2. Ollie Brown must have large bed.
    3. Arthur Ashe (Mick J.) must have deluxe suite with attached luggage room.
    4. James Burke (Billy Preston) gets a suite.
    5. Peter West (Charlie Watts) must have large bed.
    6. Security men must be near musicians.
    7. Peter Rudge must have large bed.
    8. Alan Dunn must have connecting door with Jennie-Collen-Smith.
    9. Percy Thrower (Keith Richard) gets a suite.
    10. Debbie Freis & Bill Zysblatt must have connecting rooms.
    11. Robin Day gets a suite.
    12. John Victor should be close to Percy Thrower.