I see you, my beauty boy

For two months in 1974, as Richard Burton filmed his part in The Klansman, he and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor, moved to California with Cassius, just one of Taylor’s many beloved cats. Sadly, the trip confused Cassius somewhat and he soon went missing, never to return. Taylor wrote the following letter some time after his disappearance.

Note: I’m told that the first line reads, “Letter to my Long Lost Cat,” however, I think it may read, “Letter to my Lovely Lost Cat.” I’ll leave it to you to decide.

(Submitted by Kieran Johnson; Image of Liz Taylor via Vintage Everyday.)


Letter to my Lovely Lost Cat

I see you, my beauty boy, in the refelection of those shining black-brown rocks ahead of me. I see the green o’ thy eyes in every rained, sweated leaf shaking in my eyes.

I remember the sweet smell of your fur against my neck when I was deeply in trouble and how, somehow you made it better — you knew! You knew always when I hurt and you made comfort for me, as I did once for you when you were a broken kitten.

Anyway, I love you Cassius — and thank you for your beauty.

Please come back!