The US, Lists, and LETTERS LIVE

Dear All,

A few things:
1. The US edition of the Letters of Note book will be published, at long last, on May 6th by Chronicle Books. I received an advance copy yesterday—see photo above—and I can tell you, it’s stunning. More pictures and details can be found here
2. Lists of Note, the follow-up to Letters of Note, is to be published at the end of this year, but only if I can manage to get the thing funded. I’ve been working on it for quite a while now and it will be a thing of beauty; please, if you are able, head over to the Unbound website and pledge!
3. LETTERS LIVE is back! The next event will take place at the South Bank Centre on April 23rd—much larger venue this time—and will feature a whole host of actors, authors, musicians, etc., performing/reading various letters of note, with all proceeds going to The Reading Agency. I’m still recovering from the brilliance of the first event; I imagine this one will be similarly unforgettable. There are tickets remaining. Grab them here. (This is now sold out, I’m afraid.) 
All the best,